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K-Pop and Koreaboo: A Feminist Analysis of the Racial and Sexual Politics of the Transnational Media Fandom

Hallyu (also known as the Korean Wave or Han’ryu) refers to the transnational popularity of Korean popular culture and is arguably one of the most significant cultural phenomena originating from Korea in the past two decades. Beyond popularizing Korean culture, Hallyu has also generated significant economic and political impact, not just within Korea, but around the world. This article will be published in March, 2024.
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Essay: Who Really Wins when Third World Women are Saved?

In this paper, I argue that many Western-sponsored NGOs working in the Global South, despite marketing themselves as champions of women’s rights and empowerment, fail to recognize the varying cultural, historical and social backgrounds in which the question of women’s status is set, and thus reinforce harmful discourses and practices that maintain violent cycles of neocolonialism and orientalism.